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got questions

I have a spotted puffer, a small tetra im not sure what kind, a dragonfish (walmarts name idk what it really is) a pleco, and two small red claw crabs,and an african butterfly fish in a 25 gal tank with air pump, tank heater, and a 30 gal filter. I was wondering if the tank was big enough, if I can switch to marine from freshwater and keep the dragonfish, crabs, and spf if I do so. I have two other 10 gal. that I would move the tetra and other fish that cannot survive in marine. The fish in this tank all get along. Any suggestions or ect.
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Hello! Maybe I can help some with the Dragon/Puffer issue. Dragon's are special needs fish with small eyes and poor vision that will not thrive well if they have to compete for their food, or have a hard time finding it. GSPuffers are adorable, I love them, but they are little meanies and will probably pick on everything in the tank. If you want to keep both and have 3 tanks to work with, I would do brackish in 2 tanks and freshwater in the 3rd. Not sure of the size of your fish, but that would determine who goes where for now. Since I steered away from Puffers, not sure what a good set up would be for those guys, but here's an article that might help you. It also has a great explanation for acclimating the fish.

Green Spotted Puppies

We have a 15" Violet Dragon Goby that we rescued about a year ago that was 5" long then and was being kept in "aquarium salt" He had fin rot, mouth fungus and was about dead. After slowly acclimating him to marine salt and treating his wounds, he is spunky and at least 15" now! The only tank mates we have with him are 2 - Albino Pristella Tetras which were also slowly dripped to acclimate to marine salt and they have grown and are doing great. We may add some more Pristella's because they are such a nice addition to the tank. There's a video of Gobymon and friends below! We had to remove the 2 - White Tip Sharks, they got too large for the tank.

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Just to add to the above, none of your tanks are large enough to house that Plecostomus when it gets bigger.
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yea I know that the pleco will grow and I plan on building a 50 gal or more in the future, and the GSP is extrememly mellow and doesn't bother any of the fish I've ever put in with him. He sometimes gets after the crabs but not often. The dragon goby likes to hide all day in a big shell I have in the tank but I never see it eat. I like to feed twice a day. In my one of my 10 gal. I have 4 guppies and the other 10 gal. has 3 danios (1 is a glofish, 1 is longfinned zebra, and the other is just plain zebra). Soo I dont know if I could do two brackish because I wouldnt know what fish to put in which tanks.. Also I was wondering if when I got the 50+gal. tank and converted it to marine, if I could put fish in it like clownfish or ect.
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Sorry to tell you this, but your Dragon fish is probably not going to live under these conditions, hiding in a shell all day and not eating. I can just about bet you 100% that if the GSP is nipping at the crabs, it is nipping at the Dragon and that is why Dragon is hiding all the time. Maybe it has only happened a time or two, or just at night when Dragon tries to come out and eat and you just haven't seen it happen. Either way, these two fish are not a good mix.

You have 3 tanks, a 25 g and two 10 g's, and you are considering purchasing a 50+ g. This is my recommendation for you at the present time to successfully take care of the fish you have right now. I do not know the size of your Dragon but I suspect if you just got it from WalMart it is around 4" or smaller. I do not know the size of your Pleco, but under the same assumption, I am guessing 3-4" or smaller.

Use the 25 g for your Pleco and other community fish.

Use one 10 g for the GSP - acclimate slowly to brackish water

Use one 10 g for the Dragon - acclimate slowly to brackish water

If I were you, I would start here before you dive into adding any more fish. Get the fish you have now in healthy environments.

I can tell you want to take care of your fish or you would not be asking these questions. Also, there is a huge difference between the amount of salt in brackish water and salt water (Clown Fish are Salt Water Fish) I advise you use "Instant Ocean" for the brackish fish, definitely not Aquarium Salt, Kosher Salt, Table Salt, etc. You will also need to get a Hydrometer to measure the amount of salt in your water as you are acclimating the fish to brackish water, it's just a little clear plastic measuring device - costs a few bucks.

If you are seriously wanting to do this, I can provide you with website instruction to take you step by step along the way. It is not nearly as difficult as keeping a salt water tank, just a few extra steps than what you are doing now to take care of your freshwater fish.

You will eventually need larger tanks tho, this is just a quick temporary fix! Hope some of this is helpful, let me know if there's anything else I can do. Thanks!
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Depending on how old your green spotted puffer is also depends on how aggressive it will be. As they grow older the more aggressive they get. I can almost garauntee that when it reaches around 4-5 inches it will start eating your crabs. They are natural hunters and love eating things with shells. *shrugs* Its just how it is. Though I must say they are absolutely adorable <3

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I had a GSP fora long time in a 30 gal brackish tank and I can tell you not only are they aggressive to other fish he will also have them for lunch one day when you least expect it. I would watch my cute little GSP and think that everyone must be wrong because he was so sweet and cute. I can guarantee his tank mates don't he is a predator fish plain and simple.
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