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Dogface puffer without teeth, invertebrate and reef safe?

I work in a pet store and we have a dogface puffer that is damaged and now has no teeth, he is living and still healthy. Would the lack of teeth make him reef safe or keep him from eating invertebrates? He seems pretty docile since we got him in the store. Would love to get him and put in my reef tank soly based on the fact that he is unique now. I know this is a random question, but would greatly appreciate if anyone would have any insite on the situation.
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Lack of Teeth would not make him Reef safe. He's still gonna get big, and make a mess in a tank. =). He'll still pick around like he has teeth, just means he won't be able to break open the snails and crab shells to dig them out.
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no puffers are "reef safe"

They still have the natural instinct to attack all inverts. That includes corals. Having no teeth may limit the damage done but by no means will it not give it the effort to get the job done.
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