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Red-Eyed Puffer Questions

I am really attracted to these guys, and I can't seem to fine too much information on them online. I would like to know a few things.

-Can I keep a single puff in a 5G heavily planted tank? Saying they only get to about 3"; could that work?
-If not, what is best for one?
-Do their teeth need to be worn down with snails and the like?

Any info would be great.
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What? A fish you know nothing about? How can that be? Don't be alarmed that side of my brain is still working and I have some tidbits of information just for you.

What I know about them is hardly notable compared to other species, but I will give you what I know.

I believe that they come from waters in India that contain high amounts of tannic acid. They are definitely a soft, acidic water fish. Any attempt at acclimating them to harder, more alkaline conditions usually means death to the fish.

They are one of the smaller puffer species, maxing out to less than 3" in the aquarium, and not over 3" in the wild. A single fish should be kept in the tank due to its temperament which is typically nasty. I don't know that a 10g would be large enough, a 15g long may be a better choice, and a 20g long would be best.

They are relatively easy to sex, the male is usually darker. I don't believe that they have been spawned in the aquarium as of yet. At least they are not noted in my breeder's book as having been spawned. Some of the notes from attempts say that one of the two fish that are introduced to spawn is usually killed by the other.

As far as the teeth.. being puffers, I would think that chomping snail shells is needed just as the others.

As one may see, not an easy fish to keep. I would not reccommend it to any but the most experienced fishkeeper.
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Ok- first of all, which kind of red eye puffer? There are three different ones that go by that common name: C. Irrubesco, C. Lorteti and C. Salivator.

I currently keep a C. Lorteti, so I will tell you about him.

He was originally kept by my friend in a heavily planted 30 gallon tank with 2 females. He pretty quickly decided he did not want them in his space and killed both of them. Now he lives in a 10G by himself, and I really wouldn't feel comfortable keeping him in anything less. When my friend kept him he tried a variety of tank mates (cories, plecos, otos) and none of them escaped his wrath. These guys are very mean, and very intolerant.

That being said, I love him, and he is the smartest fish I have ever kept. He's a total attention lover and always swims to the front of his tank to beg for food, which he will eat right out of my hand (although, be careful, cuz they have *sharp* teeth). He eats raw shrimp, any snails he can find, and any other live food I give him. I haven't heard of any teeth problems with these guys, but just in case, it's always good to feed a steady diet of snails.
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