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what fish go best with green puffers

Hi, I have a green puffer, that seems to be rather carniverous. He ate my four neons in less than an hour and I believe is eating the catfish too. The problem is that I like him, but don't want him to eat all my fish. He hasnt bothered any one else in the tank. What fish work well with puffers?

Thank you
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What size tank?
Green puffers require brackish water as they age, not many fish that can do well with them.
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Puffers are aggressive fish that are pretty much best kept on their own.
As they get older, they can get more aggressive and will generally eat, or harass all other tank mates, especially those with frilly fins etc. They are great fish, but not really for a community tank. I'm surprised someone sold the puffer to you without telling you that it would eat everything in your tank!
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Agreed. Green spotted puffers aren't really good community residents. They are, however, brackish fish and shouldn't be kept in freshwater with freshwater fish like neons.
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