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Old 06-16-2009, 08:37 AM   #11
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I can't really tell from the pictures what type puffer you have.
The dwarf pea puffer and the green spotted puffer have very different care requirements.
The DP is fresh water and will do fine in a 5 gal tank.
The GSP is brackish and needs a 20 gal tank or larger.

Both can be picky eaters. Has he been eating for you?
You may want to call the store and see if they can give you some more info on the type fish you bought.
Also, maybe if you can get some clearer pics and start a new thread labled "what kind of puffer", maybe someone will know.
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it has been eating the frozen brine shrimp just fine. from pictures i've seen of green spotted puffers, it looks like it might be one. i will go back to the store today and check it out, and i will try to get clearer pictures
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Looks like a green spotted puffer to me. He will be ok in freshwater for a short time, but will eventually need at least a 29g tank with brackish water, heavy filtration and no tankmates. These fish are very aggressive and get more aggressive as they age. If you want to keep him, get the bigger tank as soon as you can, set it up as very low end brackish (SG 1.003 or so) and begin cycling it. After the fish is moved, you can slowly increase the salinity of the water to moderate to high brackish conditions (SG 1.015 or so would be good).

However, if you were looking to get an actual dwarf puffer, I would return the fish and be sure you're getting a dwarf puffer rather than a green spotted or figure eight puffer, both of which are fairly common and are sometimes sold as dwarf puffers.
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cool hulk action figure i have a t rex toy in my 10g that i got from a friend
its a half a inch of water and you think your gunna drown
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Did you get this fish at Walmart? Most Wal Mart stores are carrying green spotted puffers right now.

The problem with that is in most wal mart stores sales people are for the most part- to put it nicely- morons! Last time I went to my local walmart they had green spotted puffers with FANCY GUPPIES!!
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