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Angry Should I get rid of my aggressive pea puffer?

i have a pea puffer who is very aggressive. In the first 24 hours I put him in the tank he managed to nip half the tail fin of 10 of my fish. Is there any way to keep him in a tank with fish without their fins' being nipped or can he only live a tank by himself. I might take him back to the LFS.

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Doubt it. Puffers are best kept alone in a species tank. At least that's what I've read. He's not an *#@hole, that's just a puffer's nature. I'd say take him back and let your fish escape the torture.

Well, I'm wrong. I just read another post after posting this one where Batman keeps puffer with other fish. However, were it me I'd still return him.

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dude. please dont tell me your bumble bees are with those fish.

they need good brackish water.

white clouds are also cold water fish.

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pea/dwarf puffers are a pure freshwater species and like all puffers have an aggressive disposition there blessed with sharp beak like teeth and are suprisily fast for there dumpy shape ive kept mine with bristle nose plecos,giant ottos and nerite snails without issue but mixing anything with them is always going to be part chance..they are most definately NOT a comunity species
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Agreed 100%. I have kept dwarf puffers with other fish with success, but these were oto catfish, a clown pleco and a school of tiger barbs. The only reason this worked is because the otos and pleco are too unassuming for the puffers to pay them any attention, and the barbs are fast and aggressive enough to stay out of the reach of the puffers' nippy little mouths. However, I also believe that I may have just lucked out and gotten docile puffers, so no tankmate is a 100% guaranteed success with dwarf puffers and you should be prepared to move fish or return fish whenever attempting to house them with anything else.

Your slower-moving fish as well as anything with decent finnage are likely to get shredded. I would either return the puffer or put it with more compatible fish.

A couple more comments about your stocking list:
-Depending on the particular species, your gobies may or may not be brackish fish, but either way they can be aggressive themselves and even the freshwater species do best in hard, alkaline water.
-The danios, white clouds, and rasboras are all schooling fish that would benefit from being in schools of at least six fish of each type.
-The white clouds will do better in an unheated tank.

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Do research first!
My fish are in different tanks
they were in schools but over three years some have died yeesh, the different species school together any way
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yeah i know people with docile puffers so i was hoping for the best
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If yur referring to dwarf puffers then please do not put them in brackish water as this will kill it. Dwarf puffers are among the few pufferfish that are entirely freshwater for the entirety of their lives.
I would recommend the you get your puffer a small tank immediately, as the aggression will not stop at the fins. This is only the puffers nature.
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Some people do have success keeping puffers in community tanks,but its rare. People also often have success with juvenile puffers, but find that as their puffs mature they become more aggressive. People will tell you they had the puffer in the community tank for however long and then one day woke up to a very full puffer and some unhappy tank mates...THey are not really meant for community tanks.

If you want to try a puffer that gets along you can try a South American Puffer. Drawbacks with that puffer are that they do get big and require a fairly big tank, and secondly they require you to trim their teeth (even when fed the right diet)...which is not apparently that hard, but possibly could be nervewracking. ( I pretty much gave up on puffers becuase I really didnt want to be trying to sedate my fish and trim teeth...)

Fast swimmers that outswim your puff will eventually get stressed.
If you want to keep your current puffer with other fish, I'd recommend otos.
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