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a bio and a few questions

Whats up im Ryan. i currently have 4 puffers in my strange family of fish. Two GSP's thats ive had for about 6 months now as well as two figure 8 puffers ive now had for 2 days. The two GSP's are in my 110 gal aqurium along with a pleco, 2 mollys, 2 angels, 8 fancy guppies, and orange sale fish. The two figure 8's are in my 20gal quarintine tank. i also have a 5 gal i use to breed snails. my 110 gal tank is a corner over flow wit a 150 gal canister filter. i found all four of my puffers at walmart believe it or not. i had an ick issue in the begining but since that no issues. i use aquarium salt in all my tanks. i feed my puffers bloodworms, krill fresh shrimp and fish from the grocery store. all have great personallities.
Both of my GSPs are the same age and have not grown. i read they can average 5-6 inches and mine are approx. 1.5-2 inches. why are they not growing?
do you think i will have any issues with putting my two figure 8s in with my two GSPs?
ive been thinking about adding marine salt to make a brackish enviroment for my GSPs. will the figure 8s be able to handle any marine salt in there inviroment?
thanks, Ryan
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GSPs need conditions close to marine (high end brackish) to thrive which will exclude most of your other fish.

The F8's are low end brackish and NOT compatible with GSPs

GSP's need 30 gals each, and F8's need 15 gals each.

GSP's should be kept in water with an SG of 1.018 or higher and F8's are 1.005 or less.

Totally different fish....

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Hi there, GSP's should be solitary fish, although they get on fine now as they approach adulthood they will become territorial and fight. Even at this stage GSP's need a brackish environment which eliminates many fish you can keep with them, thats if they don't eat them before! They're not good kept with other fish and you may come down to find carnage in your tank one morning. The older they get the higher salinity they will require, and this needs to be made up with marine salt and not aquarium salt, aquarium salt won't give them what they need and maybe a contributing factor in their growth being slow. Always mix the marine salt with the water in a bucket and wait for it to be fully dissolved before adding it to the tank and never add the salt directly to the tank as this will cause burns inside and out to the fish.

As for Figure 8's they require a lower end brackish water, SG of between 1.002 - 1.008, you can keep them together (I keep 4) but make sure they are in a big tank and there is plenty of plants, caves, places to hide etc and that there is enough to break the eyeline so they don't fight. Some keep F8's with other fish but it's not recommended as they too are territorial and liable to eat tankmates!

Although they're both pufferfish they are very different fish with very different requirements and should not be kept together, really it's like putting a goldfish with a clownfish, the 2 won't mix and neither will the GSP's and the F8's.

Also as an after thought, be very careful to monitor your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels, these are very sensitive fish who do not have scales and are very susceptable to poor water quality and get stressed easily.

Hope this helps you, best wishes, Jane

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