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Pufferfish Saltwater

Group: Saltwater
Size: Medium
Temperament: Community Aggressive
Aquarium size: Large (50 gal)
Swimming Region(s):Middle
Water Conditions:Specific Gravity 1.02 1.025 Temperature -22-27 Celsius
Suitable Tank Mates:Angelfish, Anthias, Batfish, Clownfish, Gobies and Squirrelfish
Difficulty Of Care:Weekly care
General description
Pufferfish are a large family of saltwater fish consisting over a 100 distinct species. The various species of pufferfish are referred to by several common names such as balloonfish, blowfish, bubblefish, toadfish and sea squabs. Pufferfish are closely related to porcupine fish but do not have the same large, protruding external spines of the porcupine fish. Instead they have thinner spines which are hidden and only visible when they puff themselves up. Pufferfish are an extremely slow swimming, agile species of fish that utilizes all its fins when swimming. To compensate for this slow speed, it has also developed a unique defensive mechanism. When feeling threatened, a pufferfish will fill its elastic stomach with water until it expands to a large, almost globe-like shape. Pufferfish are also considered to be the second most poisonous vertebrae in the world and certain body parts of the fish are highly toxic to most other animals.

Pufferfish are a large family of saltwater fish consisting over a 100 distinct species.

Pufferfish originate in the tropical regions of most of the oceans across the world.

Puffers come in shades of tan, brown, grey, black and white. In addition their bodies often display complex patterns of color and markings.

Maintenance and care
Pufferfish are a relatively hardy species of fish and are able to adapt well to life in the aquarium given stable water conditions. Most aquarium varieties reach a maximum length of 8 inches and should be housed in sufficiently large tanks with ample swimming space. Pufferfish also prefer aquariums with numerous caves and other hiding places which they can retreat to when feeling threatened.

Pufferfish are a predatory species and should not be housed with small, slow moving species of fish. They can also prey on smaller species of invertebrates in the aquarium.

Pufferfish are a relatively hardy species of fish and are able to adapt well to life in the aquarium given stable water conditions.

Pufferfish are carnivores and should be fed on a meaty diet consisting of foods such as squid, krill, clams and shrimp.

There are no known reports of pufferfish being successfully bred in the home aquarium. In the wild pufferfish are pelagic spawners and release vast amounts of eggs into the ocean currents.

Aquarium varieties
Arothron Dogface Puffer, Porcupine Puffer, Saddle Puffer, Saddle Valentini Puffer, Spiny Box Puffer, Spotted Puffer, Blue Spotted Puffer, Narrow Lined Puffer, Leopard Puffer, etc.

Photo credit: Erwin Kodiat/Flickr; Nhobgood/Wikimedia
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I have a Porcupine Puffer (Hulk) who is my favorite fish by far !

He is in a 80g with snowflake eel, orange/red frog fish, fox face & benny and I would like to add an Huma Huma & Niger Trigger. Any advice are they compatible?

It took a month before eel and puffer could coexist.

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