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Stocking Thoughts- 55 gallon

I've had a 55 gallon tank (fluval 306 cannister and aquaclear 50) running for 3+ years and my fish are getting rather old. Over the past few months I've lost many of my fish.

That being the case, I'm looking to restock. Currently I have from my old stock:
3 Lake Inle Danio
1 Rose Danio
7 Julii Corys
6 Kuhli Loaches

I recently also picked up:
6 Fire Ring (kyathit) Danios
2 German Blue Rams

I'm looking to fill out the tank just a little more, but can't decide what fish would fit in well. I was thinking possibly a trio of swordtails (m:2f) or a school of smaller rainbows or maybe a gourami/dg, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Thanks for any thoughts!
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