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Growth like bumps on quills....

I would take a picture of Pordecai but I just treated the tank with Clout in attempts to treat his condition. No worries, monitoring closely with a back up tank ready to go if I need to pull out of treatment...BUT I found this post and this is exactly like my puffer's condition but his is worse. Does anyone know what they are?

Here's her story:

Followed by our story:
It seems my puffer developed them after he swam right into a net that was intended to guide him into a gallon pitcher I use for transporting tank to tank. But Noooo, he flipped and did the opposite. He puffed immediately and was stuck until I could cut, pull, coax to calm down for what felt like hours...

Originally I thought that the bumps developed where his skin/quill was damaged from the death net but now im unsure. He has some on his head, down his back and a couple of them on the underside of his belly (only on his stomach the bumps are redden at the base. The bumps grow during the course of a couple of days and I noticed that he or his tank mates will assist in scrapping them down but they grow back. Thankfully the bumps havent spread to anyone else in the tank.

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