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Two sick Fahakas? (discoloration)

Hi Guys,

I have recently bought 3 young "Fahakas", currently only approx 4cm.

Recently noticed, that the 2 of them sorta have a bit of discoloration on their belly, and to be honest, i didn't notice if they had it when i bought em. Does anyone know if this could be a sign of stress or disease?

I dont see any other obvious signs of disease, they eat well, frozen bloodworms/brine shrimp. Dont swim around in odd patterns, all in, they are just very curious, and will come to glass as soon as you get near the tank.

They are currently housed in a 24L tank. I've only got test kit for nitrates and ammonia, and both is fine. Nitrates, tend to stay somewhere between 0mg/l- 12,5. Tank has been up and running for about half a year, with no problems, i've had various other fish in the tank, that all live healthy in other tanks.

Hope someone can tell me if there is reason to concern or this is normal?

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