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GSP clamped gill

Sorry, I think I may have originally posted this in the wrong forum...

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I've ended up here because I'm worried about my green spotted puffer.

I set my tank up about a month ago. 100 litre. Unfortunately I didn't do enough research and was told by my local pets at home that a week was sufficient time for a tank to cycle, so a week later I went and got myself a GSP. He's currently freshwater, but I'm preparing to send him over to brackish as soon as possible.

So, basically, my puffer has been in the tank whilst it's been cycling, so I've been doing daily 25% water changes until now it looks like I've come to the end of the cycle as I'm showing no ammonia, no2 or no3.

Yet, for the past week my puffer has been swimming around with one of his gills clamped shut. He seems to alternate between which one he clamps, like every 6 hours or so maybe.

I've also noticed him doing a bit of flashing, but not in excess. I'd say I notice him doing it maybe once or twice a day.

He's still eating, and still swimming about and seems happy enough.

I have noticed that he's grey down his sides quite often, but he goes white again almost instantly when I go up to the glass.

I really don't know what to do, research I've done has lead me to think he might have gill flukes- but only because of the clamped gill, he doesn't seem to show any other signs, and the inside of his gill looks a nice pink.

I don't want to go pouring chemicals in the tank, I really don't want to stress him out considering the stress he's probably gone through because of him being in the tank whilst it was cycling.

Any advise?

Oh, he's only about 1 1/2 inch in size

He has a few large snails as tank mates, he doesn't bother with them. He doesn't even bother with tiny snails that I put in for him, doesn't seem to be a fan of them.
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