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Sora, the blue crown/combtail, and Hope, the finless blue and red boy.
SweetNightmare 0 None
pics of fish and fish tanks
B00NE 0 None
What is this fish doing?
This fish is a Fan Tail Molly who is pregnant she is not acting odd by moving her body right to left like she is shaking. What's is going on?
Blue fin 0 None
A halfmoon male from Petsmart. Currently lives in a 10 gallon with 10+ ghost shrimp.
Quisquose 0 None
sick keyhole
ns59 0 None
Fish & tanks
Pictures of Ryu and his tank.
dyhoward 0 None
White dots
Strange white dots and snail (I think)
Schwannsee 0 None
bettafishgirl 0 None
Fluval Chi NPT
For a handsome male betta
Deanna01 0 None
My Betta Fish
BittyB 0 None
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