Puffer Fish Information - Pufferfish, Boxfish, and Cowfish - SeaHorse's Album: My Dogs
My Dogs
Our Red Bone Coon Hound "Duckie".
My Grand babies from Left to right...  
Sawyer a rescue(German Sheppard/Black Lab/Aust Cattle Dog), Charlie a rescue (Pure Blue Tick Coon Hound),...
Beautiful Lakota.  My rescue Grand daughter. Smart and sweet.
Sawyer on the stairs.  Kinda gang-lie.
Sawyer, my Grandson, lol, part black Lab and part Great Pyrenees. 
Look at those eyes!!
Jake, Dillon, Charlie
Charlie my 4 legged Grand Baby (Blue Tick Coon Hound)
Babysitting day, Taz 7 months old, far left. Muffin is front right, also being babysat.  My two, Dillon and Jake in the back row.
Heidi passed January 2009
Heidi (passed) and Jake
Dillon on Kijiji.  Yes I fell in love.
Dillon and Jakie
What makes you think I did it?
Dillon and Jake (Jakie)
Dillon Needing a hair cut badly
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