Puffer Fish Information - Pufferfish, Boxfish, and Cowfish - KumoBetta23's Album: My tanks
My tanks
My two 6 gallon tanks, my 3.5 tank, my 2.5 tank and my 1 gallon quarantine tank. Kumo is on the right, and Jinx on the left. Kai and Cosmo's tanks are on my desk. I also have a 7 gallon nano tank cycling (:
Update: End of cycling. Lost the dwarf hairgrass but overall the plants are doing great! I will be receiving cherry shrimp and a tiger nerite snail...
My desk.
My 7 gallon nano planted tank.
The quarantine tank.
Can't wait to set this baby up.
Cosmo's 2.5 gallon tank.
When Jinx was acclimating to his tank (:
Kai's 3.5 gallon.
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