Puffer Fish Information - Pufferfish, Boxfish, and Cowfish - Happy Peanut's Album: My Aquatic Friends
My Aquatic Friends
Pictures of my aquatic buddies, past and present
Vincenza showing off her moustache!  So cute!
Vincenza, my precious little female Plakat from Thailand
Happy as he looks now, showing off his brilliant blue coloring.  This is an action shot, catching him swimming merrily around in his 10 gallon tank. ...
Happy, my handsome Halfmoon Plakat.  This picture was taken shortly after bringing him home, before his colors came to life.
Rollo strutting his stuff!
Rollo, my stunning chocolate Halfmoon, imported from Thailand.
Snape, my gorgeous green and blue Halfmoon boy.
Banzai peeking at me from behind the thermometer.
Banzai, my angry little dragonscale Plakat, imported from Thailand.
An interesting picture of Feathers and his mirror image reflecting off the water's surface.
Feathers, my gray Halfmoon double tail boy.
Sluggo, my beloved Tiger Nerite snail.
Vulcan, named after the ancient Roman god of fire.
Vulcan, my beautiful red Veiltail boy.
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