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Conversation Between Reefing Madness and alexandro
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  1. alexandro
    12-26-2012 02:27 PM - permalink
    U seem to be the man on this site. I have some questions about my protein skimmer. I have a 30\16/14 slump box. I have a skimmer that's made by precision marine, looks like the bullet series that they Saling now. I also have the overflow cup that hooks up to it too. My problem is the skimmer is too too big to get in the slump box. Now can I but my pump, witch is a sedra ksp-9000 and drop in the box and plumb in to skimmer that would be out of the slump box on a stand? The reason I ask because I never get the right answer or a good one. But on the L.A. Fish guys, I seen the pump in box and skimmer out side. Please let me no if u can help me. I also have a ocean clear filter but don't no where to hook it up. If u need to, I could send pics to u. I got the tank running, 200 gallon bowe front wit just bait shrimp in it. Been runnin for a month now and ready to put skimmer in. Thanks for any help u can give me!
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